We are able to transport your ship's stores and supplies to vessels in and around the port of Terneuzen. We will deliver your order where you want it and when you want. We stay in close contact with the agent in order to secure a smooth and quick delivery. We have ample onshore facilities for everything from frozen product to gas bottles.

Delivery procedures:

  • Orders can only be placed via the online form on this website. Stores need to be securely packed. Pallets need to be properly piled up. (Cold stores pallets with a maximum height of 175cm).
  • Accompanying documents need to be sorted in 2 different envelopes:
    • 1 Envelope for the supplier which needs to be signed by the captain.
    • 1 Envelope with documents for the captain which will stay on board.
  • No original custom documents need to be sent along. We can only sign the documents "for acceptance" as long as the above conditions are met. Orders may be refused in case they are not in line with the above conditions.

Stores or other goods* will be stored at our warehouse in Terneuzen. Storage up to 2 days is included in the price. Any more days will be charged at EUR 89,25 per day, per shipment to the company appointed as invoice addressee.
* Cold/frozen stores will be stored at our warehouse for EUR 260,00 per day, counting as upon arrival of stores.